Project Description

September Arts Programming

Much of our programming in the month of September relates to a larger project happening at NISA this fall, Art in Action. We’re looking at developing a fresh superhero narrative, one that celebrates our strengths in the recovery process from mental health challenges. Combating a mental illness can make you feel like an superhero with a hidden identity; you need to put on a mask to conceal your true reality from others, and sometimes from yourself, in order to face the demands of the day. But much like Spiderman, or any hidden hero, masking yourself eventually starts affecting your life. And when your mask of illness is revealed, it can be another very real challenge to see yourself, and for others to see you, past the armoured suits and concealing get-ups, and find the whole person beneath.

We are encouraging people with lived experience with mental illness to draw superhero characters who fight for social change, put their heroic characters to work in short stories, sew costumes to take on their hero role, capture the actions of our superheroes through photography, in our community, and engage in photo-editing. This winter, we will be preparing a 2016 Calendar for sale with the artistic creations coming from this project*.

Starting this month we are offering:

Heroic Stories: Short Fiction Course 

The hero’s journey is common to storytelling since the beginning. Join NISA’s Heroic Short Story course to write your own. You’ll learn about writing short fiction and how to incorporate your hero story in it. Led by NISA’s Writer-in-Residence Natalie Morrill, this writing course will take place over 6 classes, so you’ll have time to learn new writing techniques and craft the first draft of your story. Come write and learn in a supportive writing environment. Put your imagination into words!

Starting Monday September 14th at 1pm, and running weekly, for six weeks, until October 26th

Please resister today at our sign-up board, or with Dinah Laprairie at 705-222-6472 ext. 303. 

Costume Making

“You are what they wear,” they say. So why not dress like the hero you are? You’ve got skills and talents and superpowers no one else knows about, but it is time to show the world who you really are! Come out on September 8th and September 11th to craft and sew a superhero costume, whether it is for you or another NISA member. Shana and Dinah will be on hand to help you get organized and sewing. We’ll be holding a photo shoot in the following weeks showing off our NISA superheroes in costume!

Tuesday September 8th and Friday September 11th from 1-4pm. 

Registration is required, and can be done at NISA, or by connecting with Dinah at 705-222-6472 ext. 303.

A reminder that we are CALLING ON ALL NISA ARTISTS and people with lived experience with metnal illness in our community to participate in this years Fall Art Show. The show will be on at the Sudbury Theatre during Mental Health Awareness Week, October 4th to 10th. The theme is Art in Action; we will be showcasing pieces that are socially relevant, including depictions of us resisting stigma and discrimination, fighting for social change, and inspiring fresh thinking about mental illness.

Submission deadline: Tuesday September 8th at 4pm 

If you have a piece that fits this theme, contact Kaarina Ranta today at 705-222-6472 ext. 305, or

*We are seeking sponsors for our Art in Action Calendar Campaign. A sponsorship proposal will be sent to local businesses in the coming weeks. For more information in the interim, please contact Audrey O’Brien at or 705-222-6472 ext. 314. We can promise you an enticing sponsorship with a series of unique, local, and creative gifts for your dollar! Learn more today.