Project Description

The Camp Noronto Raffle Winners are as follows:

1st Prize – Handmade, machine-sewn quilt by Debbie Ouimette – Linda Bayley

2nd Prize – Print by Terry Pretz – Rob DiMeglio

3rd Price – Collection of NISA’s Authors’ Books (8) – Steven Mroczynski

4th Prize – 1 Year Subscription to Open Minds Quarterly – Kathy Young

We would like to thank all of the people who participated and gave so generously of their time and money to support Camp Noronto 2015.  Because of their donations 28 people went to camp and were able to positively affect one another’s path.  There were people who swam to the rock for the first time, there were people who danced with glow bracelets and made goofy faces, giggling.  There were people who joined together when the dishwasher broke down and got the job done “old school.”  Mostly there were human beings with lived experience of all different kinds sharing the joy of being in nature and finding both solitude and campfire chats – together.


Thank you, and again, congratulations to our raffle winners!