Project Description

November Programming

This month we are focusing our programming on the creative dimension of wellness. Programs will explore the value of creativity in our general human wellness, including our physical health, and aim to increase our sense of well-being. We will tap into our unique creative energies to relax and strengthen our body, mind and imagination to bring increased satisfaction and joy into our lives.

Sign up is required for all of these arts-based events this month. 


Narrative Painting 

Topics in this session include Telling Stories with Pictures, Expressive Lines, Expressive Colour, Transfer Techniques, and, Painting Samples and Preparing Canvas.

Starting Monday November 2nd from 10-12pm, and running weekly, for five weeks, until November 28th

Dreamcatchers, Tuesday, November 10 at 1pm

NISA will be hosting OAHAS to come in and offer a dreamcatcher workshop thaw will also feature a sexual health component

Birch Bark Canoes, Tuesday, November 17 at 1pm

NISA member Rick will be offering a workshop on making birch bark canoes

Perception of Self, Wednesday, November 18 at 1pm

NISA volunteer Larissa will be offering a workshop that uses color to create a self-portrait from a photograph to help individuals take a look at how they see themselves. Participants must bring a selfie/photograph to use.

Beading Workshop, Thursday, November 19 at 1pm

NISA member will be offering a beading session. Learn how to make patterns and jewelry with Melanie

Clay Workshop, Thursday, November 20 at 1:30pm

Program Coordinator Kaarina will be offering a workshop on getting messy and expressing ourselves with clay

Zentangle Workshop, Tuesday, November 24 at 1pm

Marketing and Sales Assistant, Audrey, will be offering another zentangle art workshop. We’ll learn some basic techniques and “tangles” and put them to use in early Holiday Cards!