Project Description

Deals in the Northern Computer Recycling Depot!

The NCRD is offering the following deals for the next few months:

  1. $50 – When you purchase a desktop, you receive
    1. Desktop with Windows 10 and Office 2010
    2. Plug and play with all needed software and cables
    3. 17” LCD monitor
    4. Keyboard
    5. Mouse
  2. Free!* Desktops for free (*No list will be kept, first come, first served, on availability)
    1. Desktop with open-source Ubuntu Operating System
    2. Plug and Play with all needed software
    3. Ubuntu still allows email, internet, word processor, and everything our Windows desktops can!
  3. $20 – Monitors will be sold at a reduced price

For more information contact our Lead Technician, Darick Hongell, at 705-222-6472 ext. 302, or