Project Description

International Women’s Week at NISA

In celebration of International Women’s Week, we are offering a few workshops open to the public:


March 8 at 1pm: Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Sex

OMQ editor Sarah Mann will host a presentation and discussion on sex, sexuality and mental health. The presentation will include education about our bodies, consent and pleasure, as well as analysis of how we’re socialized to understand and engage with women’s bodies. Everyone is welcome to attend. Following the presentation, we will break into small groups for focused discussion.

March 9 at 11am: Writers’ Circle Women’s Day Edition | The Hammer of Witches

This special International Women’s Day edition of NISA’s Writers’ Circle will focus on the techniques women writers have used to communicate their reality within a literary culture and canon designed to serve the purposes of empire, capital and patriarchy. We will read and discuss three strategies women writers have used to become “witches”: blending testimony and fiction, “plagiarizing” and rewriting the canon, and embodying the grotesque, obscene, unseen and unspeakable.

We will discuss Victorian, modern and contemporary women’s writing in English, including work by Mary Shelley, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Kate Chopin, Jamaica Kincaid, Kathy Acker, Alice Munro, Jeanette Winterson and Eden Robinson. We will also try out some of the techniques used by these authors. Everyone is welcome to join us as we learn about women writers and explore how we can employ the same techniques to tell our own stories.

March 10, all day: Women’s Introduction to Technology

This workshop is designed for women who are curious about computers and technology but have not yet had a chance to explore these topics in a welcoming environment for beginners. Participants will take a tour of the Northern Computer Recycling Depot and learn about how NISA members fix and sell used computers, as well as how they can get involved with fixing a computer to purchase themselves. We will discuss our computer and technology goals, the skills we can share with each other and how to gain the new skills we need to meet our goals.