Project Description

Mental Health in Action Campaign

This month, you may have noticed a few more familiar faces and voices around the city and on your local news. That’s because, we’ve launched our Mental Health in Action Campaign, a culmination of a big arts project from 2015! In the Spring of last year, members came together and decided that our large arts project of the year would involve changing the imagery so often associated with mental illness. We wanted to show our strengths in recovery, our resiliency and our capabilities. This launched a superhero project where we wrote heroic stories, created costumes of our alters, and photographed our heroes as they fought for change and social justice around mental health. These messages and heroes were they put together for a special Mental Health in Action 2016 Calendar, bringing in community support from CMHA Sudbury-Manitoulin, Centre Victoria pour femmes, Terra Designs, Volunteer Sudbury, Elizabeth Fry Society of Sudbury, Titan Building Services, Rainbow Routes Association, and the Sudbury Counselling Centre.

This special calendar, filled with 12 months of thrives in mental health, are being sold for $10. All the money raised will go to creative expression programming here at NISA.

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Happening across Sudbury this week, coinciding with the national #BellLetsDay Day,  is further promotion of our campaign challenging the negative stereotypes still so often associated with mental health challenges. You can see us on a digital Kingway ad, advertising on the back of one special city busy, inside several city buses, and in posters across Sudbury. We’re asking people to be mindful of their own mental health, realize that is they need support it is available, and that no one is alone. 1 is 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lives. Mental health affects all of us, and in order to eradicate the stigma, we need to be open and honest in our conversations. Recovery is possible.


This campaign is made possible by the generous support of a municipal arts grant from the City of Sudbury. 

The campaign in the news:

Northern Life coverage: NISA aims to replace negative images of mental health

Shana Calixte, executive director of the Northern Initiative for Social Action, and Dinah Laprairie, editor of Open Minds Quarterly, and dressed up as The Pollinator, showcased new bus ads to promote the Mental Health in Action campaign. Photo by Jonathan Migneault.

CBC Morning North coverage: NISA champions mental health recovery, awareness with new superhero campaign

Dinah Laprairie of NISA, here channelling her inner superhero as "The Pollinator": "Everybody [at NISA] that I've met has something — a gift that they've shared."