Project Description

NISA’s 2016 Superhero Calendar

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Combating a mental illness can make you feel like a superhero with a hidden identity; you need to put on a mask to conceal your true identity from others, and sometimes from yourself, in order to face the demands of the day. But much like Spiderman, or any hidden hero, masking yourself eventually starts affecting your life. And when your mask of illness is revealed, it can be another very real challenge to see yourself, fir for others to see you, past the armored suits and concealing getups, and find the whole person beneath.

This Fall at NISA we have been creating fresh superhero narratives which celebrate our strengths in our recovery from mental illness. We’ve envisioned ourselves as superheros who don’t hide who we really are, and have the assistance of other mental health superheros to join in an change the dialogue on mental health. Over the past few months we have drawn superhero characters who fight for social change, put our heroic characters to work in short stories, sew costumes to take on our hero roles, and captured the actions of our superheros in time.

While debilitating at times, our illnesses have also fueled some mighty superpowers. What are they? Find out in our 2016 Superhero Calendar!

$10 each. See or call Corinne (705-222-6472 ext. 308) to get your copy!

Sneak Peek….

resilency defender super server

The Resiliency Defender supports people in building up their strengths so that they too can be better equipped to adapt and cope with the changes, stresses and challenges of the future. He encourages people to assess their emotional well-being regularly, to understand that reaching out for support in a strength and a key component of being resilient, and to combat their challenges with inner strengths.

Brewing up care for his allies in mental health, The Super Server is always on the lookout for ways to support his peers. He helps make hearty meals to fuel those on heroic quests in the community, and speeds around cleaning up the odd scuff and jumble that accumulates in the day. Everyone is on alert when he serves up the heroic morning blend. I’ll bring you in on the secret: It goes like, “Coffee’s ready!”

Thank you to the support of Terra from Terra Designs and member Maria Raso for capturing and developing the actions of our hero(ines) which helped to make this calendar possible!