Food is Mood

Our Food is Mood program started as a pilot project in the Fall of 2010, focusing on food preparation and living on a fixed income. It has been able to continue on until the present with funding from Health Sciences North’s Chronic Disease Self-Management program. This nutrition-based program focuses on cooking healthy, budget-friendly meals and on the nutritional benefits of various ingredients. Meeting on a weekly basis, our members enjoy the social connection of cooking together in the community kitchen as well as being able to eat the meal together. The aim is to provide opportunities to develop basic cooking skills that include food selection and preparation while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Front Cover - Cookbook

In 2011 a cookbook was put together at NISA, Food is Mood: Eating Well for Mental Health. This cookbook contains mouth-watering recipes, stories and photos, bringing readers along on the journey of our members working together to bring about healthy eating with the mind “in mind.” To order a copy of this NISA-produced cookbook, click here.

Recipes include: Pumpkin Spice Spelt Waffles | Broccoli & Mushroom Quiche | Hearty Chicken Soup |  Wild Rice Berry Salad | Veggie Lover’s Mac & Cheese

For more information about our Food is Mood program, and how to become involved, contact Kaarina at 705-333-6472 ext.305, or by email kranta[at]

Pre-registration is required to participate in the Food is Mood program. Please speak to Alex Radway to place your name down for a week. You can also check our monthly calendar to see when Food is Mood is held and if there are any special Food is Mood events happening.

Preparing meals together


Food is Mood over the years

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