At NISA, we offer a variety of formal groups with the focus on recovery and wellness. The Sharing Circle is a weekly peer-supported meeting for members to express their concerns and questions, and engage in valuable peer support with other members. All are welcome and registration is not required.

Our Recovery/Wellness group runs weekly and involves topic-based structured discussion, where the themes revolve around recovery-based topics such as self-esteem and positive affirmations. This group also does not require registration.

Many of our members share with us that along with living with the realities of mental illness, they often struggle with chronic illness – diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis or cancer, to name just a few. As a result, they require tools to manage the effects of this illness. From time-to-time we offer a 6 week hands on class called Managing Chronic Illness that helps develop these tools.

We have also offered various workshops informing members of housing rights and their rights on the Ontario Disability Support Program and will continue to organize these sessions according to member interest. Therapeutic activities around art and writing will be available throughout the year. We also offer life and personal skills building workshops. We are responsive to the needs of our members. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to discuss it with our staff.

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a self-help system developed for people with a variety of mental illnesses and is a valuable tool for those looking to create positive change, to increase wellness through health (physical and psychological), and decrease occurrence rates of acute episodes of illness. NISA runs 8-week sessions where members meet once per week, working in groups to assist each other and develop their individual WRAP® plans.  WRAP® provides a proactive approach to incorporating skills and wellness strategies into daily living, rather than relying on them only in times of crisis. Registration is required.

During each 8-week session, participants will work through the various stages including:

Daily Maintenance Plan

  • Develop a description of how you feel when you are well
  • List everything that needs to be done on a daily basis to stay well
  • List reminders that you may need to help you stay on track


  • Identify events or situations that might result in onset of symptoms
  • Plan what to do if any of these triggers occur

Early Warning Signs

  • Recognize subtle signs
  • Plan what to do if you notice early warning signs

Pre-Crisis Planning

  • List symptoms that indicate that you now need outside information or can no longer stay safe on your own. Develop a plan that your support can use as a guide.

Post-Crisis Planning

  • Taking into account that you are still recovering, this plan is for gradually increasing your daily activites.
  • The  WRAP groups are limited to 8 participants per session and pre-registration is required.

For more information about WRAP, and to become involved, please contact Kaarina Ranta at 705-222-6472 ext. 304, or by email kranta[at]


We also have three incredible full-time Peer and Member Support Workers that are available if you feel the need to sit down, talk, and/or work through something you are struggling with. Just come on in and meet us. We’re all here to lend a listening ear.

SueAnn Land, Peer Support Worker
SueAnn Land, Peer Support Worker705-222-6472 ext.319
As a Peer Support Worker I facilitate workshops in WRAP®, Wellness/Recovery, Sharing Circle, Food is Mood, The Artists’ Loft and The Writers’ Circle. NISA is a great place to share in lived experience and mutuality. I look forward to meeting you and providing peer support to you!
Alex Radway, Member Support Worker
Alex Radway, Member Support Worker705-222-6472 ext.306
My title says it all! As Member Support Worker I am here to support you if you have any questions or concerns, want a tour or info about our programs, would like to become a member, or just want to talk to me about any and everything. I am here for you!
Claudie Doiron, Peer Support Worker
Claudie Doiron, Peer Support Worker705-222-6472 ext.316
At NISA, I’m a Peer Support Worker – that means that I’m here for you if you’re having a bad day and need to talk, or having a good day and want to share it with someone.  I’m here to help facilitate groups, and to share in other people’s experiences.

Photography by Suzanne Rivard