The Artists’ Loft

The Artists’ Loft provides the opportunity for artists to participate in the fine arts, develop skills and to exhibit their work within the community.  Like The Writers’ Circle, The Artists’ Loft encourages the expression of the experience of living with a mental illness and aims to educate society through the exhibition of these expressions in socially-connected community settings.

Our artists — beginners and professionals — explore the many types of media, from acrylics and oils, to sculpture and wood-burning.  Stop in at NISA to see our permanent exhibition of artwork created here in The Artist’s Loft. You’re certain to find a piece that moves you.

Over the past year, we have held art workshops that involved creating:

  • Meditation beads
  • Chinese New Year lanterns
  • Button Trees
  • Dream-catchers
  • Paper kites
  • Meditative painting quote collages
  • Garden decorations
  • Recovery rocks
  • Aromatherapy play dough
  • Inspirational letter art
  • and much more

One of our artists is also currently facilitating a 6-week water-based oil painting course at NISA. Keep an eye on our monthly calendar to make sure you are aware of what arts-based workshops are happening. Some require pre-registration.

See Our Voices, Spring 2014 Art Show

IMG_0964   2014-Spring Art Show-See our Voices (4)   2014-Spring Art Show-See our Voices (9)    2014-spring art show-see our voices (20)

Awakenings, 2013 Art Show

2013-5-9 Awakenings Art Show and Book Launch (18)   2013-5-9 Awakenings Art Show and Book Launch (2)   2013-5-9 Awakenings Art Show and Book Launch (76)   2013-5-9 Awakenings Art Show and Book Launch (81)

Members’ Artwork

leaky valves   owl six-3  image  Mink with copyright   Michelle   IMG_4916   Meredith McMaster-Its a Seagull-Acrylic on Canvas-watercolour-200 dollars

Artwork by (from left to right): Barb Wilson, Cynthia Stech, Robert Simoneau, Michel Rainville, Michel Rainville, Kaarina Ranta, and Meredith McMaster

The above gallery gives you a sense of the breadth of talent that our members possess and the various forms of artists that we support. Some specialize in acrylic, other, in oil, photography, pencil, digital creations, with found-materials in nature, etc.

Come in to NISA to see more pieces displayed on our walls, and in our Artsits’ Loft, that demonstrate the amazing talents of our artists.