The Community Kitchen/Garden

Begun in 1999, our Community Kitchen began with the generous donation from the Sudbury Algoma Hospital cafeteria of unsold food; volunteers living on limited budgets who participated at NISA were able to receive free lunches during the week. Since its inception, NISA has experienced a deeper sense of community through the sharing of meals.

The Community Kitchen expanded in the year 2000 to include a community garden. Each summer, NISA members use their personal allotment of garden space to grow vegetables for themselves or collectively. In 2011, NISA, along with community partners, began using the greenhouse on the grounds of the Kirkwood site of the NBRHC. Through this program, members learn skills on starting seeds, transplanting and nurturing plants within the heated space of the greenhouse, eventually transferring them outdoors to our garden.

Since our transition this year from the Kirkwood location to our now downtown location, we thought about how to continue growing food in a collectively-shared place. We secured two plots at the Ste. Anne Community Garden, a block away from NISA, and have continued on with planting, nurturing, and eating the fruits of our labour together.

Ste. Anne Community Garden


The History of the Kirkwood Community Garden and Greenhouse

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In the garden

In the greenhouse

Reaping the benefits of gardening