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The Dandelion Café

The Dandelion Café, NISA’s coffee & gift shop, is located in the lobby of the Health Sciences North’s – Kirkwood Site. The shop provides a training allowance and on-the-job retail training for NISA members, thereby allowing them to acquire skills transferable to workplaces in our community. In-patients, staff and visitors to the hospital are able to support NISA through the purchase of coffee, snacks, gifts and sundry items.  The Dandelion Café provides members of other NISA programs (such as Warm Hearts/Warm Bodies) the opportunity to create items like slippers, mittens, quilts and crafts for sale in the shop.  This provides the means to explore occupational opportunities while enhancing skills and increasing personal income.

If you would like more information about this occupational program or would like to become a trainee in the café, speak to the Dandelion Cafe Assistant Amanda Lachapelle at 705-222-6472 ext. 322, or by email,

The Café is open from 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday to Friday. 

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