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What is MAPS?

The Mental Health and Addictions Peer Support (MAPS) Program is a peer support service specifically for persons navigating the criminal justice system. This program is intended to provide peer support for persons released from jail with probations and parole conditions, or those who have not been to jail but have probation or parole conditions. Currently MAPS is only accepting referrals from Probation and Parole Officers.

What services does MAPS provide?

In the MAPS program, Peer Support workers will work with clients to address addictions, trauma, and mental health challenges. Peer Support workers will also offer advocacy, support, resources, and education towards navigating the justice system. Support will include connecting and engaging individuals with basic needs, such as housing, as well as developing Harm Reduction and Recovery Plans.

How can people access MAPS?

People can access MAPS through a referral completed by their Probation/Parole Officer. The following criteria must apply:

⚫ Adult residing in the City of Greater Sudbury and currently on probation or parole

⚫ Person is ready to set goals for their mental health and addiction recovery

⚫ Person can understand and participate in a self-management program for their mental health/substance use issues and is consenting to referral for this voluntary program

Referrals can ONLY be submitted by a Probation and Parole Officer. You can fill out the referral form here. Please forward referrals to Hannah Roslyakova-Azzeh, Peer Specialist Coordinator by email: