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Older Adult Peer Support Program

About Older Adult Peer Support (OAPS)

Established in 2019, the OAPS program offers free, comfortable, confidential, and in-person peer support to older adults in the Sudbury area.

You don’t even have to come in to NISA to take part. The OAPS program runs regular groups throughout the city, and can send a peer supporter to meet with you one-to-one wherever you’re most comfortable. The OAPS team can also make calls to you! 

Is this for me?

  • Are you 55+?

  • Going through a difficult time?

  • Talking about it can help. That's why NISA started it's Older Adult Peer Support Program (OAPS)!

Mental Health in Older Adults

Some common causes of emotional or mental health challenges in older adults include:

  • Loneliness
  • Social isolation
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Physical illness
  • Memory problems
  • Caregiver burnout
  • Housing changes

How to Get Peer Support

If you’re interested in getting peer support — or volunteering as a peer supporter for other older adults — you can learn more about the program by getting in touch with the Program Coordinator, Shirley Rajotte at

  • For this program, older adults are defined as anyone who is 55+
  • Older adults living within the Greater City of Sudbury
  • Older adults who are facing emotional or mental health challenges of any sort
  • Older adults who are struggling with social isolation

The OAPS program is supported by Health Canada / Santé Canada.