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Warm Hearts/Warm Bodies (WH/WB)

About WH/WB

Warm Hearts/Warm Bodies is a NISA program that solicits and receives donations of materials, fabric and textiles for the creation of quilts, blankets and comforters for people within our community who are in need. Warm Hearts/Warm Bodies reduces waste by re-using materials, provides a valued service to the less fortunate, and helps program participants acquire useful skills.

NISA has also become a depot for distributing blankets, quilts and comforters  to those in the community who require them, such as the homeless, premature infants, or those living in emergency shelters. Other organizations depend on NISA to distribute their quilts and blankets to the community, providing some extra warmth during our cold winters. We also offer introductory classes in sewing and knitting.


In the past year, our annual blanket drive program has continued to hum along with members producing quilts for our annual donation to outreach organizations in the Sudbury community. Talented members have facilitated workshops on how to make tote bags, aprons, oven mitts, and of course, honing down basic quilt-making and sewing skills.

How to Get Involved

Keep an eye on our monthly activity calendar to see what Warm Hearts/Warm Bodies workshops are available for you to participate in! The month of September included introductory workshops on how to make a quilt, and how to make winter mitts.


Year-round, NISA accepts material such as cloth and wool to make quilts. If you have donations of quilts, blankets or comforters (new or gently used), please contact Hughie Jeanveau to arrange a drop-off. They will be distributed in the winter to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

NISA is appreciative of all community support. Material for quilting is gratefully accepted. We accept donations of fabric (please pre-wash, if possible) including cottons, polyester/cotton blends, and bed sheets. Please note: items that cannot be washed (suede, leather) are not accepted

Unfortunately, we may not be able to accept all donations.  There are other places you can provide your donation including: Value Village, the Salvation Army and the Jarret Centre. 

Call us ahead of time if you are looking to donate sewing supplies including thread, needles, and pins. We are able to provide a charitable receipt to thank you for your donation.