Dynamic Minds, Active Living


Since 2012, NISA has been running Dyanmic Minds, Active Living, a program which offers a holistic approach to wellness through integrated physical activity and positive, recovery-focused programming. Working within a peer-support model, Dynamic Minds focuses on self-help and mutual aid, and encourages participants to be pro-active in their mental health care. The program introduces members to a variety of structured and organized physical activity classes.  The main focus is to have fun and develop confidence while trying something new and being active.

For those ready to be more active and join in community-based physical activities, NISA runs a program in partnership with the YMCA.  Members attend the YMCA with our Member Support Worker two times per week and participate in a variety of activities such as aqua-fit, open gym, strength training, yoga, swimming and other activities that are available at the centre.

The main objective is to be able to experience the benefits gained from regular physical activity and to encourage the development of an active living lifestyle. Members will be able to create a regular activity routine as well as a support system with their peers to maintain the level of activity gained by the end of the program.

Check out our monthly calendar for class schedules.  Classes are accessible and suitable for all levels.  Registration is not required. For more information about this program, please speak to Alex at 705-222-6472 ext. 306 or by email, aradway[at]nisa.on.ca

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